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Newcastle Piling offers a professional team and experienced operators in the foundation piling industry and we definitely love a challenge. Highly equipped with in-house servicing of machinery and the right knowledge we can provide our clients peace of mind as well as making sure the piling or excavation works are done properly. The owner started in the early 80s and is still going strong with a fleet of machines and trucks. Check out our collection of machines here that can be used for wet hire. Safety is our top priority and every member of our team is compliant with OHS and piling code. When you hear the phrases “screw piling near me” or even “Screw Piling central coast” we should spring to mind!

Newcastle Piling is fully licensed and insured. Call our helpful team for a free quote today 1800654943.

  • Screw piling is ideal for building deep foundations and most efficient piling installation method
  • Suitable for all soil types
  • Least soil disturbance during installation which reduces environmental impact
  • Screw underpinning is used for new or existing structures especially to repair faulty foundations or aged structures
  • To install screw piles,we use 2.7 Tonneup to 30Tonne excavators, a method of persistent installation technique to meet or exceed the SWL required pile torque required from engineered design load
  • Pile design fully complies with all aspects of AS 2159:2009
  • 50-year life relative to the design loads
  • Certification

We pride ourselves on being Aussies and believe that Australia made should be everyone's first choice of buying which we aim to do now and in the future. When it comes down to screw piling Central Coast, we are the most robust, reliable and dedicated team in the industry. With a plethora of experience and an extensive portfolio of successful projects , we are just one call away from assisting you with yours!