Bored Pier Foundation

‘Bored pier’ refers to a non-displacement pile formed in cohesive ground conditions where an auger and soil column may be extracted from the drilled hole without collapse, allowing reinforcement to be lowered into the hole and concrete to be pumped in to complete the pile. Where granular soils or groundwater present more challenging conditions, a steel casing may be used to support the hole and allow auger extraction without collapse. Bored pier foundation systems are typically used as foundation piles to limit settlement of the structures they support, however, the technique may also be applied to the construction of soldier piles for retaining walls. The bored pier foundation installation process involves minimal noise and vibration compared to driven pile techniques. Newcastle Piling has the specialist equipment and expertise to install bored piers across a wide range of site-specific soil, rock and groundwater conditions.

Efficient & Cost Effective

In suitable ground conditions, bored pier installation can be fast and economical.


Newcastle Piling’s bored piers are installed with minimal vibration and with much lower noise levels than driven piles.


Bored piers can be used in a wide variety of applications and our team will liaise with you to find the best possible project outcome.
Reliable, time-efficient and equitable pricing is what sets us apart here at Newcastle Piling. With extensive expertise and a wealth of knowledge on bored pier foundation systems, our team of contractors are always willing to go that extra step for your project. Our well-maintained machinery combined with our industry-leading prowess makes us the finest pier foundation team in NSW. When you hear the phrase “bored pier foundation”, your mind should pinpoint to the industry-leading team here at Newcastle Piling.