Screw Piles Foundation

Screw Foundations

Newcastle Piling has become a leader in screw pile foundations to the residential construction industry. We have years of experience in the field, specialising in piling foundation works for residential, commercial and civil. With a spotless track record of successful residential and commercial projects, you can trust Newcastle Piling to lay a firm foundation for your future.


The cost of your screw piles foundation is provided in our estimate and finalised in the contract so the client has the knowledge of what they will expect when the works are completed


With an emphasis on sustainability, Newcastle Piling continues to minimise their environmental footprint.

Time Saver

Offering quick installation, Newcastle Piling is a time efficient process that can significantly reduce construction time by half on many structures.

Quality Materials

All materials used in by Newcastle Piling comply with all relevant Australian standards .

Newcastle Piling offers a professional team and experienced operators in the screw pile foundation industry and we definitely love a challenge. Highly equipped with in-house servicing of machinery and the right knowledge we can provide our clients peace of mind as well as making sure the piling or excavation works are done properly. The owner started in the early 80s and is still going strong with a fleet of machines and trucks. Check out our collection of machines here that can be used for wet hire. Safety is our top priority and every member of our team is compliant with OHS and piling code. Newcastle Piling is fully licensed and insured, call our helpful team for a free quote today 1800654943 if you seek screw foundations.